Telnet suboption



   telnet_suboption - process telnet suboptions


   void telnet_suboption( string buffer );


   This apply is called on the interactive object with the parameter given by the SE telnet suboption, for mudlib defined processing. For example, this allows for future support of terminal types.

   The first byte of the buffer is typically a type descriptor, ie TELOPT_TTYPE. The next byte is a procession option, such as TELQUAL_IS. Following this is the type dependent data. In the case of a terminal type call, the data will be routed through through the terminal_type() apply instead.

   Possible suboptions:

       #define TELQUAL_IS    0 // option is...
       #define TELQUAL_SEND  1 // send options
       #define TELQUAL_INFO  2 // ENVIRON: informational version of IS
       #define TELQUAL_REPLY 3 // AUTHENTICATION: client version of IS
       #define TELQUAL_NAME  4 // AUTHENTICATION: client version of IS